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#10 - 2020

Open source intelligence, AI for multi-sensor fusion,

Next gen. augmented reality

Interview w/ Palmer Luckey from Anduril Industries

The def-preneur book recommendation

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Make data speak your language

Traversals Analytics and Intelligence is a German company specializing in the development of scalable information collection and analysis solutions for public and private institutions. The company's focus lies is on a highly customizable SaaS Open Source Intelligence data-fusion-platform that enables customers to collect, analyze and disseminate information in multiple languages from a variety of sources to deliver actionable information at "machine speed". Thanks to its open architecture, the platform can integrate any third-party services to create a superior information collection and analysis capability for your needs.
Use-cases are open source intellingence ops, medical intelligence, vendor risk management and competitive/strategic Intelligence.


Scaling AI for Defense & Security

Hellsicht scales artificial intelligence solutions for the defense & security sector to unlock drastically enhanced capabilities by designing and developing end-to-end, fully customized AI-powered software. The applications range from detection, identification & tracking, general signals intelligence to change detection systems and autonomy solutions. Hellsicht transforms applications of the most prestigious defense & security companies by constructing ethical AI solutions in strict accordance with european values. Hellsicht pushes the limits of what's possible with cutting edge deep learning software on low-data regimes, complex multi-sensors fusion constellations and robust, embedded computing platforms.
Use-cases are ISTAR-missions, object detection & tracking, visual uav navigation.


Data Driven VR simulation


VRAI Simulation creates data driven VR simulation training for high hazard environments. Customers are leading organisations like the IAG in Heathrow Airport, the United Nations in Somalia and leading European militaries. The lastest solutions is HEAT. HEAT combines authentic virtual training environments with cutting edge data capture and machine learning (ML) capability. HEAT allows organisations whose activities are risky, remote or rare to train in a more authentic, memorable and measurable way. 

Use-cases are C-IED training, medical training, vehicle simulation, battlefield simulation and many others.
Ever wondered why other militaries seem to be more innovative than yours?
Ever wondered why other militaries seem to have much better gear than yours?
Ever wondered why some militaries believe that technology alone wins wars?

Wonder no more, as Dima Adamsky provides answers to these and many more questions around the topic of "Revolutions in military affairs". A must read for anyone involved in defense innovation.
Interview w/ Palmer Luckey from Anduril Industries
Interview with Palmer Luckey on disrupting the global defense industry.
Defense Innovation Pitch Day by Behördenspiegel (German only)
(Die Mate-Tee Fraktion & der Wikinger)
Bipartisan agreement: Scrap obsolete weapons and boost AI
(I'll be back)
Defense Innovation is falling short
(Mr. Bureaucrat, tear down this wall)
Why defense firms need to get systematic about M&A - big and small
(Buy or not buy, that is the question)
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